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Carmel, CA General Practicioners Hooked Up With Specialists Via RubiconMD

by Richard Kuehn on 03/16/17

As Trump is busy trying to get the Affordable Care Act repealed, a company called RubiconMD is moving forward with its innovative plan that offers general practitioners the ability to e-Consult with specialists around the country without having the patient travel hundreds and sometimes even thousands of miles to get the best care.  The company uses telematics to verify a diagnosis and confirm patient treatment and its platform was recently endorsed by the prestigious Zuckerberg Hospital in San Francisco.  The company is currently operating in 32 states, serving health centers, company clinics and insurance companies.  In 2016, just three years after launching, it was used to either diagnose or treat 1 million patients.  The cost for a physician to subscribe is a flat fee of $250 a month.  “I think the mission of making access to healthcare more democratic is more relevant than ever, given this new framework,” co-founder Carlos Reines told a reporter.  “But even during Obama’s presidency, millions of patients had problems accessing specialists due to waiting lists, co-payments they couldn’t afford and trouble paying for transport.  These problems are even more acute amongst the poorest Americans and that is where RubiconMD can have the biggest impact,” he said.  What a great idea for a medical start-up.

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