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Carmel, CA Immunotherapy Drugs On The Rise

by Richard Kuehn on 03/20/17

Researchers are now studying more than 1,100 immunotherapy drugs, more than double the number just two years ago, according to the Cancer Research Institute.  There is growing excitement over this line of drugs after Merck & Company debuted Keytruda and Bristol-Myers Squibb brought Opdivo to market, which boosted survival rates in lung and skin cancer patients by using the person’s own immune system to fight the disease.  The current immunotherapies don’t benefit all patients which has caused drug companies to race to find new products.  “We are at the beginning of an entire field where we can see applications in every type of cancer,” Herve Hoppenot, a former head of Novartis AG’s oncology unit who is now CEO of Incyte, a company developing a new cancer drug.   

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