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Carmel, CA Patient-Physician Collaborative Process Creates Better Outcomes

by Richard Kuehn on 03/20/17

The medical industry is trying to transform itself from a “Doctor knows best” atmosphere to an environment where patients have more knowledge about their medical conditions and can get more involved in decision making.  Some physicians have even gone so far as to have made patient medical records—including the doctor’s notes—available to patients.  “There are many health conditions where there are multiple good options for treatment, and not a clear best option,” Angie Fagerlin, chair of the department of population health sciences at the University of Utah, told The Wall Street Journal.  “Share decision making allows patients to engage in a deliberative, communicative process with their clinicians, and be active participants in their care,” she said.  Studies have shown that this process can lead to better outcomes, fewer invasive procedures and lower costs.  In addition, patients who engage in this process are less likely to regret the decisions they have made and more likely to stick with treatment regimens.

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